How long will it take?

Each patient is different and therefore responds differently to chiropractic care. Some patients experience relief almost instantly. Children generally experience rapid results, while adults and seniors with long-standing problems often take longer.

If one does not complete the necessary amount of treatment sessions prescribed by the chiropractor, his ability to reduce the negative patterns in the spine is impaired. It is also important to note that if visits are scheduled too close together, the body is not given enough time to respond to the treatments and healing cannot take place efficiently. It is therefore imperative that one follows the number and spacing of treatments as set by the chiropractor.

Chiropractic care is a partnership. Without the patients participation healing will not only take longer but the results will be short-lived. Patients are therefore encouraged to ask questions and participate in their treatments; those who do regularly achieve more rapid results.

Many patients decide to end their treatments early as they begin to recover, but it is important to note that most symptoms subside before the muscles and ligaments supporting the spine are fully healed. This weakened area of the spine predisposes one to relapse. For this reason, regular spinal checkups are recommended. Use chiropractic care to help you stay well after you get well!

If recovery does not progress as expected to, the treatment program will be altered or another specialist will be referred. The health of the patient is always the primary concern of the chiropractor.