Tiramisu Ice Cream

To hot to bake? Try this Tiramisu Ice Cream recipe I found in the Argus newspaper last year. Tiramisu and ice cream, what could be better on these hot summer days?!

30ml coffee powder

80ml boiling water

30ml coffee liqueur

385g tin condensed milk

500ml cream

60ml milk

1 ½ packets finger biscuits (* personally I prefer to make this without the biscuits)

50g dark chocolate grated


Dissolve coffee in boiling water, and then add the coffee liqueur.

Put the condensed milk and cream into an electric mixer and beat until the mixture is thick.

Beat half the coffee mixture into the cream mixture.

Combine remaining coffee mixture with the milk and pour into shallow bowl.

Line a 20cm square cake pan with foil and then with cling film.

Dip biscuits into coffee mixture and cover the base of the pan.

Spoon half the cream mixture over the biscuits.

Cover with a layer of grated chocolate.

Dip more biscuits into coffee mixture and add a layer on top of the cream.

Top with remaining cream mixture and another layer of grated chocolate.

Put the pan into the freezer and leave overnight.

To serve, unmould the tiramisu ice cream from the foil and cling film and put onto serving palte.

Decorate with extra chocolate if desired.